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Forge Team of the Month: LAGr Gaming

by Luke Panosian 17 Jul 2020

It’s time to take a deep dive into our team of the month, LAGr Gaming. They were founded back in 2012 by Jakob Johnson. Since then LAGr has competed in many levels of competitions from local Call of Duty tournaments to developer supported pro leagues. Back in 2014 at the age of 15 Jakob found himself renting out a lan center and hosting his first Call of Duty lan. LAGr Gaming has since then hosted and or sponsored nearly 100 total in person events across the South-East and Midwest regions of the USA.

The current rosters supported under the brand include teams in Rainbow Six Siege and Halo as well as players in the fighting game community. Some of his top level players include Child233 who is currently 72nd in the world on the SFV ranked leaderboards and Carnitas who has been top 32 in the leaderboards for Killer Instinct since the launch of the game 46 months ago. LAGr Gaming also caters to many Midwest players such as Drystan, Spoinkman and Travioli.

Aside from just hosting events LAGr Gaming also sponsors many of the scenes that they support players in. Recently they sponsored Smash Out 2019 which had over 600 total players and qualified to be a B-Tier Smash Major. The upcoming events that the organization plans to sponsor are Smash Out 2020 and KI United.

The owner of the organization has been hard at work providing the scene with not only top level events but also supporting its top level players. The road map for LAGr Gaming currently consists of CapCom Pro Tour 2020 and GOML 2020. You can follow them on all social media platforms below. #LAGrTakeOver





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