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The Modern Warfare Beta Easter Egg That Almost Nobody Caught

by Mason Moreau 25 Sep 2019

IW Was Thinking Outside of the Box

Let's get this out of the way first. The Modern Warfare beta was a BLAST and we can't wait until we can pop open the full game and play with everything available. And if you're like us, then you probably scooted through the beta having the time of your life without paying attention to any of the small, minute details that were included in the beta. 

This blog post was initially going to be about our beta impressions. Because we had so much fun with it and wanted to discuss, but a more pressing matter has risen that the people of FreekNation need to know about. 

A Box

Yeah that's right. A box. Particularly a box located on the Azhir Cave map. Here's a picture of said box:

 In case you're having trouble reading this, it says "Zakhaev Arms". Yes THAT Zakhaev. The famous villain from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

All Ghillied Up

For those uninformed, Zakhaev is the main target in one of the most famous levels in modern shooters called "All Ghillied Up". In this mission you play as Captain Price (the soldier who is the focus of the newly reimagined Modern Warfare) as he is tasked with infiltrating and assassinating the campaign's protagonist (Zakhaev). All ending climactically with taking the shot and blowing off Zakhaev's arm. 

Get it now? Zakhaev Arms?

Widely regarded as one of the most expertly designed stealth levels in a first person shooter, All Ghillied Up is arguably the most memorable moment in all of Call of Duty's Campaign. This certainly seems like Infinity Ward is referencing a return to their former glory and we're all about it. 

What do you think? Is this easter egg more than just a reference to the past? Let us know in the comments below! Also, if you're looking for some gaming gear, check out our Modern Warfare Performance Thumbsticks!

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