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OlliOlli World is the Coolest Skateboarding Game Yet

by Brittany Vincent 15 Feb 2022

Many of us probably own skateboards. What's cooler than hopping on a custom deck and pulling off your first ollie? When it comes to extreme sports, skating is where it's at. But let's face it: some of us aren't really cut out for that type of demanding physical activity. That's where games like OlliOlli World come in. Roll7's ingenious skateboarding simulator is an ambitious, feel-good platformer that integrates the best parts of skateboarding to create a game that even players with only a passing interest in the hobby will enjoy. If you need a little something different to chill out with beyond shooters and demanding platformers, this is it.

Travel to the world of Radlandia, essentially an enormous skate park, crafted by the gods of skating themselves. Chiffon, their link to humans is looking for his replacement, as he's ready to hang up his helmet and skateboard. That's where you come in. You're about to take over as his replacement, but only if you can pull off all the sweet skateboarding moves required of the one who will eventually rule over all the wannabe skaters of the world. Thus, your quest begins as you make your way through the land of Radlandia to become the world's most awesome skater.

With that, you're on your way and exploring all of what OlliOlli World has to offer. As you embark on your journey to become a seasoned skater, you'll come across quirky characters, colorful environments, and complete a variety of goals. First, you'll learn how to pull off simple skateboarding moves.

As you continue to play, you'll complete smaller objectives that eventually build up into additional moves that you can impress Chiffon with. There are experienced skaters around to check in with before you try out new moves, thankfully, and they'll challenge you to repeat what they've done. And while your goal is to be the best skater you can, there's no pressure. The vibe is totally chill, relaxed, and in tune with skating culture as a whole.

Every level is packed with plenty of rails to grind on, quarter pipes, hills, and other parts of the environment to try out your moves on. Every time you pull off a trick, you're rewarded with additional points. Chain them together for combos to raise your score multiplier, and when you complete your set of moves, you'll land even more points. If you blow it, however, you'll lose your points. You'll want to be careful about gambling your points on moves you aren't sure about because of this, which makes OlliOlli World a challenge.

You'll get to try these moves out across unique and complex environments. Each one has fun and different complexities to try out, with the potential for a wide variety of trick points to pull off. You can also choose between branching points to try out different areas in a level, which lead to higher or lower difficulties. If that isn't enough to keep you on your toes, you'll be able to burn through additional challenges set by friends -- maybe your best buds pulled off some moves and a higher combo that you want to top. You can do that by checking the global leaderboard and your friends' performances.

But with so many solo activities, there’s already so much to do by yourself that you may not even need to add your friends into the fold, too. OlliOlli World is a complete, well-rounded skateboarding adventure that’s warm, inviting, and tons of fun. It’s lighthearted, enjoyable, and challenging, especially for anyone looking to push themselves to learn more tricks and chain them together.

There are plenty of great games on the horizon, and many of them are situated firmly within the AAA realm. But don’t sleep on this fun little diversion, especially if you’re a fan of games like Tony Hawk Pro Skater or its multiple spinoffs. This is the game that you’ll bust out for a chunk of time here and there, show off to friends, or get in a little session of before bed. And most of all, most importantly? It’s super rad.

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