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Outriders: Beginner's Tips to Protecting Humanity

by Brittany Vincent 07 Apr 2021


Square Enix and People Can Fly unleashed a torrent of action on players with the launch of Outriders, a new third-person co-op shooter with layers of different RPG elements.


Set in the middle of the 21st century, Outriders takes place on Earth, which has essentially become unlivable. Earth has combined its resources to form the Enoch Colonization Authority (ECA) to save what's left of humanity on Enoch, which is close enough to Earth to work.


You take on the role of the titular Outriders, soldiers sent to scout Enoch and ready it for colonists to land. They soon discover the Anomaly, which is a massive energy storm. You, as one of the Outriders, find yourself caught up in the storm, and imbued with powers, making you an "Altered."




As an Altered, your Outrider is set with helping colonists get to Enoch, ensuring things go smoothly, and taking part in a twisting and turning sci-fi adventure along the way. From there, it’s up to you to make the best possible decisions you can so you can complete your mission -- and unravel the mysteries that lie in wait on Enoch.


If you're just jumping into Outriders and want some assistance when it comes to tackling the game like a pro, we've got a few general tips you should follow if you want to stay afloat. These suggestions will help keep you alive, and you’ll want to abide by them especially if you’re just getting started.


Make use of those mods

Outriders is a loot shooter at its core. That means you'll collect a variety of components as you make your way through the game that can be used to soup up your weapons and equipment. With that in mind, it's a good idea to actually use the mods you find that drop from weapons and gear if you want to really devastate your enemies.


You can collect mods when fighting or dismantle gear to amass a larger collection. Go ahead and sell anything below a blue rarity (rare), and gun for mods that come at higher tiers when you can. Sell anything without crafting value, and make sure you equip mods that complement the skills you've chosen for your character.


But what you don't want to do is just amass mods with lower rarities and leave them in your inventory. Bust them out as soon as you can, make sure you dismantle when it's worth doing, and use rare/legendary gear that comes with a mod when you can.


Don't rely on auto loot to collect items

You'll want to pick up just about everything in Outriders, but do this on your own. Don't use the auto loot feature and assume it'll grab everything you need. Instead, make sure you pick through the items you see around you and pick up the loot that you're interested in grabbing.

You can use a button to auto loot which will pick up loot that you need to grab, but you'll need to go to your inventory and piece together what you want to keep out of what you grabbed, because otherwise it only really works when you die. Make sure you work in tandem with it so that you get to keep everything you need, especially all the drops you didn't want to leave lying on the ground.


Take time to customize your HUD

Outriders lets you change up your HUD to better suit your playing style. If you want to turn on additional bars, like how much XP you're getting, how much damage you're doing to enemies, etc., you can turn all of this information on in the Accessibility menu. It might assist you with figuring out the best strategies when it comes to battle. Plus, you can turn all of these things off, too, if they end up getting in the way or distracting you. You can also turn subtitles on and off here to improve your gameplay experience.



Make use of each class's healing powers

Each class in Outriders has a different way to regain health. For example, the Trickster can heal and gain shield powers with every close-quarters kill. The Devastator heals with close-range kills and then gets additional HP. The Technomancer usurps HP back by killing enemies, and finally, the Pyromancer regains health after marking enemies and killing them. It might feel a little odd, but this is the best way to heal yourself. It can seem a bit backward that you need to take lives to regain yours, but you'll need to stay on top of things if you don't want to find yourself dying over and over.


Don't be afraid to adjust the World Tier

The longer you play in Outriders, the higher the game's World Tier will go. You'll unlock new World Tiers in your progress bar as you earn additional experience. Whenever you die, you lose a bit of progress. You can go to the main menu to take down World Tiers, which will mean enemies are easier to kill, but the loot rarity you can expect will drop. It's a good idea to let your World Tier rise if you want some good rewards to come of it, but don't worry if you're not doing too well and you want to bring it back down a bit. It's always a good idea to play on the higher tier if possible, but sometimes you just need to dial back the challenge if you want to make progress.


It's time to suit up, #FreekNation, and set off for glory in Outriders. What class are you claiming? Come let us know in our Discord!




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