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Warzone Season 2: Here’s What’s New

by Megan Miller 16 Mar 2021


Obsessed with Call of Duty®: WARZONE™? Well, we got some good news for you. Warzone Season 2 has officially arrived and there’s a lot to talk about. Let’s see what updates and events this season will bring from new content, map changes, weapons, and more.  


Battle Pass: 

This season, Naga is the main operator. With the battle pass you can get cool unique skins just for him.  

Tier 15 and Tier 31 are free so anyone can get these weapons available even without the battle pass. Once you unlock those, they are easy to level up.  

Outbreak Event: 

The new Outbreak Event consist of a handful of different challenges. Once you complete these challenges you can win a special reward that includes: calling cards, charms, and watchesSpeaking of calling cards, our Cold War Thumbsticks come with a calling card! 

If you complete every single challenge, you get the grey matter sniper, which is a light blue/grey camo print sniper for the tundra. This gun also comes with the wrap suppressor, calvary barrel, the front grip, and the nine-round mag



Playlist Update:  

With Season 2 there has also been a few changes to the playing modes. There is still Battle Royale that has quads, trios, duos, and solos. The Resurgance Extreme now has 90 players instead of 45, doubling the player count. Plunder Blood Money has removed quads and added in trios instead. This mode is where you try to collect as much as you can around the map, and is perfect for exploring the new updates made to the map in Season 2.  


Map Changes: 

Let’s take a look at those map changes we just hinted at. There is a new Shipwreck point of interest located right next to the prison. This ship has an upper deck, lower deck, and main lobby. This new location is the only place on the map where zombies currently spawn. If you kill enough zombies at this location, they will drop a yellow access card. This card will direct you to a special yellow crate where you can get upgraded loot 



There has also been updates to the monument's locations. There is now new access to bunkers in three different locations. Bunker 10 has an additional hallway that is available for useThe monument on the hill between construction and hills is now opened up. Inside is a massive missile silo with side tunnels leading to various rooms. The third location is the Military base statue. This area has a circular layout with hallways to explore.  

Additionally, access to all the subways have been removed. The Stadium garage is also closed off now, and bunkers 0,4,5,6,9, 11 are no longer accessible.  

Weapon Updates:  

Season 2 also brings us weapon changes we were all waiting for. All weapons can now have its bullet velocity increased. With updated attachments: Pros, cons, and stat bar values are now more accurate to their functionality. The Bruiser Grip now has increased movement speed and hip fire accuracy, and the Mounted Flashlight and Tiger Team flashlight has increased movement and ads speed.   



  • Players no longer spawn outside of the Gulag combat area  
  • Stopping power rounds no load properly on cold war weapons  
  • The “Grinch Forest Spirit” skin is no longer invisible 
  • Gem Cutter riffle is now suppressed correctly  
  • Better mission tracking  
  • Players in the gas now suffer more damage over time  
  • Warzone Intel Mission have been removed  


Now that Call of Duty®: WARZONE has made updates to the game, it's time to update your controller as well. We’ve just released our new Warzone Thumbsticks, inspired by the iconic “Ghost” from Call of Duty. The set includes two high-rise, hybrid thumbsticks for maximum precision and an original, ergonomic design for exceptional control. These thumbsticks will allow you to optimize your in-game sensitivity to more quickly neutralize threats, secure your targets and survive the Gulag in the battle royale experience unique to Warzone.  


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