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The Best Settings for Precision Rings in FPS Shooters

by Megan Miller 17 Oct 2020



So you’ve heard about Precision Rings but you’re not exactly sure how they work. Well lucky for you gamer, you have come to the right place. Whether you’re playing Fortnite, Call of Duty®, or any other FPS shooting game, this is the product you’ll need in your controller setup to get those extra precise shots. Let’s take a deep dive into how to most effectively use our Precision Rings...

Step 1: Fitting Precision Rings to the Control Stick

Slightly stretch the ring to fit over the control stick. Make sure to not stretch it too far by being gentle when placing them on your controller. The ring should fit snug in the spacing located around the base of the stick. To prevent it from bunching up, toggle the stick around for a few seconds to make sure the sides of the ring are even all the way around.



Step 2: Change your In-Game Settings 

Now that the Precision Rings have been added to the controller, it’s time to adjust your settings. Changing your settings is a must in order to get the most effective usage. The push back from the Rings makes player movement more smooth by slowing them down. To compensate for loss of speed, you will need to change your sensitivity setting to “Ultra High” or “Maximum”. By doing this your movement will now have both increased speed and ultra precision movement. Make sure to turn Aim Assist on as well. The pairing of our rings working on maximum sensitivity will give you extra control with the analog stick movement, making aim assist track enemies easier while still feeling natural.


For Call of Duty® settings, watch JGod go into detail on his preferred settings with our rings.

For Fortnite, watch Flea explain his favorite setting while using Precision Rings.

Step 3: Add a Performance Thumbstick 

Our Precision Rings are compatible with all Performance Thumbsticks. Many FPS players prefer to use a thumbstick like FPS Freek Inferno or FPS Freek Galaxy on the right control stick because the added height increases overall accuracy and control while shooting. Using a mid-rise stick on the left will provide extra comfort and grip for movement. The ultra precision and increased accuracy from the Precision Rings and Performance Thumbstick combo will give you the edge you need inorder to perform your best in battle. 

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