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Forge Team of the Month: BuzzKill Esports

by Luke Panosian 13 Oct 2020


KontrolFreek Esports Forge is an exclusive program designed to help aspirational esports teams  and athletes reach their competitive goals by leveraging KontrolFreek’s resources, support, and  experience collaborating with the world’s top esports organizations.  Each month we choose one of our top performing teams to be our Forge Team of the Month and they are featured in several content pieces throughout the entire month. Interested in joining KontrolFreek’s Esports Forge, visit to apply. 


BuzzKill Esports was established in 2018 with a focus on content creation and community building. They had a clear aim that was implemented from day one, knowing that esports teams or content creators alone would never make any noise in a saturated market. This led to the utilization of esports teams and content creators alike to always be producing fresh, high quality content for the community to enjoy. 


BuzzKill, founded by Connor O’Boyle and Owen Grindley at the start of 2019, solidified their influencer focus by bringing in Starsnipe as a Director. This was a turning point for BuzzKill, with Starsnipe’s reach, they managed to connect with new audiences far beyond what they had been able to previously.

BuzzKill have continuously housed teams in games such as CS:GO and Rocket League, with these two games in particular being the organisations most successful. 2019 saw BuzzKill win 3 EpicLAN 1st places in a row with their Rocket League roster. Likewise, the CS:GO roster managed to take home gold at one of these events. Competing in the ESL Premiership was one of many highlights for the organisation still only within their 2nd year. Most recently, BuzzKill found huge success with their first ever League of Legends roster. The team went into the season as massive underdogs, and managed to qualify from TES Finland in 2nd place. They went into Telia Masters as bottom favourites, and managed to defy the odds placing 3rd in a highly coveted Telia Master competition.


The KontrolFreek team saw this success and the community that BuzzKill was building and rewarded the organisation with a spot in the newly formed forge program. This was another key indicator for BuzzKill that their hard work and plan for the future was recognised and validated by one of the biggest companies within the esports space.

While BuzzKill can claim successes within both esports and content creation, their real success comes from the community they have built. The reputation and success of the brand sits solely with the fans and supporters who help promote their teams / creators every single day.

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