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Tips for Improving Gaming Setups

by Megan Miller 12 Oct 2020


Whether you game every day or just on occasion, a proper gaming setup can make a world of difference when it comes to comfortability and performance level. Over on our KontrolFreek Discord, we asked FreekNation for their advice on what they view as essentials for every battlestation setup. Let’s see what they had to say...  

Gaming Lights™ 

Gaming Lights are the cherry on top accessory. They not only look cool but they also have performance benefits as well. In a darkened space, direct lighting of a display from the front or side introduces glare and haze, making the image look worse. By backlighting your display with Gaming Lights, the contrast ratio can be increased, making your picture look better and reducing strain on your eyes. Check out our KontrolFreek Gaming Lights, now available in two sizes: 9 feet or 12 feet, to personalize your setup look with multiple options for colors, effects, speeds and brightness!


Gaming Desk 

Choosing a sturdy desk that fits your setup is extremely important. Having a flimsy desk collapse on itself and break your expensive consoles is every gamer's nightmare. The right desk should have more than enough space to layout your setup the way you want it to be without anything potentially falling. L shaped desks are great because there is double the surface area to place your equipment, making it feel more spacious.If you’re tall you will want to look into desks that have adjustable height so it will fit you better. 

Cable Management 

Nobody likes a messy wire situation, this is why cable management is a necessity inorder to achieve a clean setup. Use zip ties, velcro straps, or cable sleeves to keep the wires together and hidden out of sight, this may require you rearranging your desk or console setup to hide them as best as you can. Our KontrolFreek 12ft Gaming Cables come with a velcro strap for easy cable management. If you have a pet, cable management is especially important to keep the wires out of their reach to avoid any accidents. 

Gaming Chairs

No matter what kind of setup you're going for, a nice quality chair is a must have. If you’re spending a lot of time gaming, experiencing back problems is not uncommon. Investing into a quality chair that gives you comfortable posture and support leads to better health, as well as the ability to have longer gaming sessions. Think about the long run and take care of your body, your back will thank you. 

 Improving your battlestation setup can be quite the task, but hopefully this helped you get some ideas! Join our Discord for more advice and tech talk.

Photo Credit: Reddit’s JulianTJ battlestation

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