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Axoma’s Top 3 Things To Do As An Imposter

by Megan Miller 06 Oct 2020


Known for its skill base of detective work and strategic deception, Among Us has recently risen to popularity within the gaming community. If you’ve been binging the game, like the rest of the world, you’ve probably come across the role of playing as “Imposter”. Being Imposter can be both exciting and nerve wracking, as you have to figure out the best way to trick your crewmates into thinking you're not the killer. One of FreekNation’s favorite Creators, Axoma, is here to share with us some of his best tips for being a better Imposter.

  • Blame the First Person You See
  •  So you've just been caught red handed. Somebody’s come around the corner at the wrong time, and one of the crewmates has seen you standing over a dead body. Best thing to do is point the finger at them, and attempt to shift the blame to the person who saw you. Support your call out of the other person by giving reasons as to how it couldn’t be you, and try and clear yourself with an alibi. If you’re persuasive enough, your crewmates will hopefully take your side and vote the other member out. 

  • Stick With a Group of People
  • This is one that you can do at any time of the game. Straight after you've killed somebody, go and find the nearest group of people and stick with them as long as you can. This will help gain their trust, so when the dead body is found they can vouch that you were with them and couldn't have done the kill. This tactic provides for a very good alibi with the hopes that the crewmates will protect you against any Imposter accusations, keeping you in the game. 

  • Fix Your Own Sabotage
  • As the Imposter you’re going to want to pick any of the sabotage buttons, but make sure that you’re one of the first seen and clearly in front of everyone fixing the problem. Fixing your own sabotages will make the crewmates think you’re one of them. Why would you fix your own sabotage, like who does that.

     Hopefully one of these tips can help you win a round as the Imposter. But if all else fails, you can just shout over everyone.


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