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KontrolFreek® Fires up 2016 with Exciting New Product Designs

by Mason Moreau 01 Mar 2016

New products will be sold exclusively through U.S. GameStop and select international retailers

ATLANTA, GA – March 1, 2016

Performance gaming gear company, KontrolFreek, has released its first new products of 2016. New thumbstick additions to the KontrolFreek lineup include a completely new design,FPS Freek® Inferno, as well as a new color option for fan-favorite, FPS Freek Galaxy.

Coming in at 10.4mm, the high-rise FPS Freek Inferno is the ideal thumbstick to use in first- and third-person shooter games, expanding range of motion by more than 115% for increased accuracy and precision. Inferno showcases a distinct, laser-etched swirl on vibrant red-and-black concave thumbsticks for optimal grip, ensuring that thumbs stay put during intense gameplay.

“Inferno was jointly developed with one of our key retail partners and with actual fan input,” said Ashish Mistry, President and CEO of KontrolFreek. “Inferno uses the iconic KontrolFreek swirl, which can also be found on one of our perennial best-selling products, FPS Freek Vortex. Our customers already love the design, and gamers were asking for tall, concave sticks. Inferno is the perfect product for action and shooting games, and adds another tool to the KontrolFreek arsenal.”

KontrolFreek has also launched a white color option for the top-selling FPS Freek Galaxy. Galaxy features the deepest laser-etching of any product in the company’s current lineup, ensuring intense grip. Galaxy consists of two varying-height, concave thumbsticks: one shorter, 5.7mm stick for better movement with the left thumbstick, and a taller 10.4mm extender which facilitates increased accuracy while aiming with the right thumbstick. Previously only available in a beautiful purple-on-silver option, the new color provides players all the benefits of the Galaxy design in a pristine, white-out color scheme.

Both FPS Freek Inferno and white Galaxy will be sold exclusively at GameStop stores in the U.S., as well as at and through select international retailers.

KontrolFreek knows thumbstick extenders. The company created the category, introducing the products to gamers in 2009, and has been producing high-quality products trusted by pros and casual gamers ever since. Made with the highest quality materials, KontrolFreek thumbstick extenders are hand-made in the U.S.A and provide proven benefits to gamers. In a 2015 U.S. survey, respondents reported an up to 107 percent increase in KDR when using KontrolFreek thumbstick extenders. Learn more here.

About KontrolFreek - Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, KontrolFreek is a premier performance gaming gear brand that creates innovative gaming accessories that give players at all levels a competitive advantage. KontrolFreek combines ergonomics and innovative design to deliver improved accuracy, maneuverability and comfort for Xbox and PlayStation gamers. For more information, visit and follow the company on TwitterFacebookGoogle+YouTube, and Instagram.

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