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Resident Evil 2 Samurai Edge: How to Unlock (No Preorder Bonus Required)

by Mason Moreau 01 Feb 2019

You get unlimited ammo and you get unlimited ammo and you get unlimited ammo!

Do you remember the good old days when games had items that completely broke the gameplay loop? Well luckily the wizards over at Capcom in charge of the Resident Evil 2 remake were well aware of how awesome these items were once upon a time. 

The Resident Evil 2 Samurai Edge weapon is pretty fun, but unlocking it is no easy task. So we decided to put together a post that gives you everything you need to know to unlock the only Samurai Edge weapon without a preorder bonus. So without further ado, here's how to unlock one of the best weapons in the game.

S Rank

Achieving S Rank during both campaigns is the key to unlocking the Samurai Edge weapon that's actually unlockable through the actual game's progression. To unlock the samurai edge, you'll have to complete both A and B scenarios in under a certain amount of time. 

Scenario A in 03:30:00 and Scenario B in 03:00:00

This is much much harder than you would think! Essentially you have to play the game in a non-entertaining way. The real key to achieving S rank is essentially speed running the levels. You need to play the game to get to the next objective. 

And that's it! Short and sweet! But trust us, unlocking this gun is easier said than done. Completely worth it though! Comment below with something else that you'd like to see from us! 

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