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Let's Investigate: How are Apex Legends' guns different from Titanfall 2's?

by Mason Moreau 08 Feb 2019

Titanfall 2.5? Titanfall 3 - 0.5? 

Recently EA and one of the most high-tier devs they have left, Respawn Entertainment, surprise released a free-to-play Battle Royale game called Apex Legends. Since its release, that's all we've been able to talk about. Its addicting and smart take on the battle royale formula is expertly crafted and extremely addicting. 

The story of how this game came to be, and how quickly is was put together still remains under lock and key it seems, but there are some snippets of info that we do know. For instance, Respawn has told us that this game was originally intended to be Titanfall 3, but that game is reportedly not happening anymore. 

Furthermore, it's now apparent that the weapons in Apex Legends are the same as the weapons from Titanfall. Hey, if it ain't broke don't fix it right? 

That being said, the weapons aren't exactly the same. Respawn have made a few tweaks to adapt the weapons to a battle royale setting. So we decided to dive in and figure out everything that was changed so you'll know what to expect when hopping into Apex Legends

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Ammo Types

As is standard for battle royale games these days, ammo types are a key piece of loot. In order to balance the guns and provide a challenge. With traditional multiplayer shooters, it generally doesn't matter what type of ammo you use because you're just spawned in with whatever ammo your loadout requires. 

Battle royales are different though. As part of the looting mechanic (and borrowing heavily from Borderlands and other RPG shooters) ammo is a precious resource that you need to be aware of. 

The Types of Ammo are: 

  • Light - Orange
  • Heavy - Dark Green
  • Shotgun - Red
  • Energy - Green

Weapons & Changes


New Column New Column

Changes: none

Ammo Required: Heavy

Mozambique Shotgun

changes: none

Ammor Required: Shotgun

RE-45 Auto
Ammo Required: Light
Ammo Required: Light


New Column New Column

Brand new gun! Did not exist in Titanfall 2! 

Ammo Required: Shotgun

EVA-8 Auto

Changes: None

Ammo Required: Shotgun


Changes: None

Ammo Required: Proprietary


New Column New Column

Changes: Updated name and slight design changes for the new game

Ammo Required: light


 Changes: none

Ammo Required: Light

Prowler Burst PDW

Changes: Brand new weapon!

Ammo Required: Heavy

Assault Rifles

New Column New Column
R-301 Carbine

Changes: Slight design changes and updated name from R-201 carbine

Ammo Required: Light

Hemlock Burst AR

Changes: Name Change from "Hemlock BF-R"

Ammo Required: Heavy

VK-47 Flatline

 Changes: Name 

Ammo Required: Heavy


New Column New Column
M600 Spitfire

Changes: "M600" Added

Ammo Type: Heavy

Devotion LMG

Changes: X-55 removed from title

Ammo type: Energy

Sniper Rifles 

New Column New Column
G7 Scout

Changes: Class changed from AR 

Ammo Type: Light

Longbow DMR

Changes: None

Ammo Type: Heavy

Triple Take

Changes: Upgrade in fire mode from 2 to 3 rounds

Ammo Type: Heavy

Kraber .50 Cal

Changes: Legendary Weapon only acquired through care packages and special drops

Ammo Type: Proprietary

So there you have it! Aside from a few new additions, it doesn't seem like very many changes have happened! Be sure to check out our other blogs including How to unlock the most sought after gun in Resident Evil 2

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