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From Apex Legends to Tetris 99: Which Battle Royale Game Is Right For You?

by Mason Moreau 15 Feb 2019

The Battle Royale of Battle Royales

It seems like every few months now, battle royale games keep coming out offering new mechanics, characters, and overall spins on the genre. And with every battle royale there's always a burning question: Which one is the best

But we here at KontrolFreek don't really care about which one is the best. We care about which one we like the most! Yeah, maybe Fortnite is the king of player count, and maybe Blackout has that fast-paced Call of Duty Formula, but like pretty everything in this great world of virtual entertainment they're not for everyone. 

So the goal of this post is not to determine what the best battle royale is. Rather it's to find out which one is best for YOU. Because nothing is better than finding that one game that scratches every itch.


Apex Legends

For: FPS Players, Fans of Call of Duty 4 & Titanfall, Fans of Team-Based Gameplay

Recommended thumbstick: FPS Freek Vortex

As the newest battle royale to break onto the scene, Apex Legends had a lot to prove. So we were really happy to finally get our hands on this and see what the FPS Veterans over at Respawn (fun fact, plenty of Respawn employees worked at Infinity Ward) had been cooking. And boy did they deliver.

The hero-based three person squad mechanics fit so well in a battle royale and should be familiar to any of you Overwatch or Team Fortress 2 stans. Couple that with some pretty interesting ways to flip the script on the genre and you have a decently fleshed out battle royale that checks all of the boxes. Best of all, it's 100% free to play. 

But currently this game is going through the growing pains of quickly amassing a fanbase, which is causing blackouts and glitches. Players are also limited to one mode, the three person squad, which isn't really great for solo players. Sure, the ping system is great, but if you're a player who likes to go all Rambo on some fools, then maybe say pass on Apex Legends. 



For: Fans of the CoD Formula, FPS Players, 

Recommended Thumbstick: Black Ops 4 Grav Slam

Blackout was a big deal when it came out, and has continued to deliver on the thrills. Also, it was notoriously the reason why Treyarch decided to forgo a single-player campaign for Black Ops 4. But we firmly believe that Blackout, Zombies, and Multiplayer are well-deserving of that $60 price tag. 

Blackout brought vehicles, zombies, wingsuits, and a giant map to the 100 player battle royale table. We never thought that taking the classic Call of Duty formula and adapting it to battle royale would be so damn addicting. But what makes Blackout really standout is its homage to fans of the series. The map itself is an amalgamation of classic Black Ops 4 maps.

But if you're a beginner, or you're not really a big CoD fan, then you might find the game a little obtuse, and some of the more niche references might be lost on you. The UI for the inventory is also a huge drawback.



For: Fans of minecraft-style build mechanics, Fans of Third Person Gameplay, Portable Gamers, Trendy People  

Recommended Thumbstick: FPS Freek Battle Royale, FPS Freek Galaxy

The well-established king of battle royales is Fortnite, and for good reason. It's fun as hell! Nobody saw this game becoming the behemoth that it is, which is why this game has really become one of the most genuine experiences in gaming that's also suitable for all ages. 

Fortnite's super-addicting formula revolves around gathering resources and building structures to protect yourself from oncoming enemies and gain the high ground. But the one golden idea that other Battle Royales haven't been able to compete with is the amazing post-launch support.

Throughout Fortnite's "Seasons" we've seen them change entire areas of their map, constantly add and remove new weapons/items, and even host a freaking concert! When it comes to players satisfaction, Fortnite sits at the top of the hill.

While Fortnite's build mechanics are snappy and fun, the gunplay is a little barebones. Players used to get around this by stacking their loadouts with double-pumps, but Epic games was quick to nerf that. So if snappy and smooth gunplay is your thing, then fortnite might not be your cup of tea.


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

For: Battle Royale Purists, Fans of realism, Mobile Gamers, Hipsters

Recommended Thumbstick: FPS Freek Battle Royale Nightfall

Even though Fortnite stands at the top of the Battle Royale food chain, PUBG is what really popularized the genre. What started out as a series of mods, ended up becoming a sensation that spawned everything else on this list. 

For a hardcore audience PUBG is really the way to go. For starters it has a giant emphasis on stealth. The map is also really big, and the atmosphere really seems like some sort of post-apocalyptic scenario. The heartbeat-raising tension gets really high while playing PUBG. In that way it's the most thrilling of the bunch. 

But PUBG really has been starting to show its age. The reason it's lost a whole bunch of steam is due to a shotty launch on Xbox, and not really being able to capture console players. Out of all of the BR games on this list, PUBG's controls are probably the least friendly, and take much longer to get the hang of. 


Tetris 99

For: Portable Players, Tetris Fans, Battle-Royale Haters

Recommended Thumbstick: Turbo for Joy-Con

Tetris 99 is easily the most unique of all of the battle royale games on this list. 100 players simultaneously play a round of Tetris and the last one standing wins. Pretty simple, and VERY fun. If every other Battle Royale game keeps making you angry, then maybe take a break by playing some Tetris 99. 

The only reason we wouldn't recommend trying Tetris 99 out, is for people who don't really believe this is a battle royale, but we've learned so many times before that Battle Royale games don't really have a strict set of rules. And Tetris 99 just goes to show that there are really only guidelines to making a good battle royale. 

That's that! We Hope this blog was helpful! Which Battle Royale is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! Also be sure to check out How Apex Legends and Titanfall 2 are different. See you next week with some new content here on the KF Blog! 

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