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PUBG Season 8 is Here

by Megan Miller 29 Jul 2020

Check out the highlights on your return to Sanhok

Our friends over at PUBG shared with us some of the new and exciting features to look forward to in Season 8. Here’s what the PUBG team had to say... 

There’s a lot of new stuff to get to as PUBG Season 8 gets under way and it all starts with a drop into a re-imagined, steamier version of the Sanhok map. As dark and nefarious as the jungle seems this time around, it’s the new gameplay mechanics –including the Loot Truck, confiscated weapons, and the extra dangerous Jerry Can—that will keep you coming back for more.

Here’s a look at Season and what’s new in PUBG:

Season 8 has delivered a whole new Sanhok where the jungle has taken over and all new dangers await. There is one critter you’ll be very happy to encounter, an armor plated truck making its way on the dirt roads with a VERY tempting payload, otherwise known as a Loot Truck. Taking one of these out comes with [MORE]

Meet Julie’s Kar98. Pre-configured with a suppressor, 6x scope and the Bullet Loop attachment, you’ll instantly be ready to take up a position among those high-altitude vantage points on Sanhok. [MORE]

Now that the gas in a Jerry Can is going to behave like gas all the time, this means everything and everywhere that fuel touches can burn, regardless of how it got there. Oh, and Jerry Cans apparently have no lids or closure mechanisms. [MORE]

Season 8 and Survivor Pass: Payback is available now on PC out tomorrow, July 30 on consoles and Stadia.

Start Season 8 off right by grabbing a pair of FPS Freek Battle Royale to give yourself an advantage over your competition with improved accuracy and comfort.

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