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The Most Absurd Super Smash Bros. Character Wish List

by Mason Moreau 01 Jun 2018

Super Smash Bros. Switch is on the horizon! What better way to ring in the season of smash then with our very own wish list?

Everyone’s got those characters that they always wanted to see in Super Smash Bros. that haven’t ended up in the game. We here at KontrolFreek tried to take that idea and build our own dream list. If you didn’t know already, we’re crazy. Putting ourselves up to this task opened up a whole new can of worms. The only rule when it came to picking was that we could only list characters from tv/movies if they have shown up in some form of video game. Everything else was fair game. No Nintendo license required.

So without further ado, here is our attempt at the most absurd super smash bros. character wish list. 

Jockey, Smoker, and Tank

Series Origin: Left 4 Dead 

Similar to Olimar, the main zombie would be the Tank who would gain support attacks from the Jockey and the Smoker.  We feel as though zombies have been underrepresented in Smash Bros.


Howie Mandel

Series Origin: Deal or No Deal for Nintendo DS  

Everyone knows Howie Mandel is a notorious germaphobe. Hence why we would make him a spacer. We feel like Howie would want to make his ranged attacks effective and his melee attacks count.


Hello Kitty – Hello Kitty Roller Rescue

Series Origin: Hello Kitty Roller Rescue

Nintendo has been on a roll with including Japanese mascots in their lineup, and yet Hello Kitty still hasn’t gotten her chance to shine. Make it happen Nintendo!

Master Chief

Series Origin: Halo

John 117 himself deserves a time to shine. We could totally see a Master Chief character being an excellent bait and punish character. It worked with Metal Gear, maybe it’s time Halo got a similar treatment.

The Red Ranger

Series Origin: Power Rangers

Power Rangers are awesome. And their whole schtick is fighting bad guys. We believe they’d be right at home in the Smash Bros. roster. Imagine an ultimate smash involving a megazord. Thats enough to make even the most casual Power Rangers fan go nuts. 

Earthworm Jim

Series Origin: Earthworm Jim

Another awesome platformer hero that we feel doesn’t get enough love. We feel like Earthworm Jim would probably be the most humble to be amongst Nintendo’s pantheon of heroes and villains. And of course he’d still kick some serious ass. 


Series Origin: Putt-Putt Joins the Parade

Don’t sleep on Putt-Putt y’all. This addition to the roster would be the next Mr. Game & Watch or R.O.B. A nostalgia based and difficult to master character that only the best players are great with. Who wouldn’t love to own the stage as your favorite educational purple car? We all know we would. “Don’t go up against that person, they’re a Putt-Putt player.” It has a certain ring to it right?   

Gordon Freeman

Series Origin: Half-Life

Everyone’s favorite theoretical physicist needs a spot on the roster. Half-Life fans alone would go nuts even seeing the main character in a new game. Not to mention the killer move potential of the gravity gun.

Line Rider

Series Origin: Line Rider

We picked line rider almost strictly out of curiosity. We just want to know how the development wizard that make this game would handle the line riding mechanics. Also a line rider stage would ridiculously awesome.


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