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The Big CES 2020 Recap

by Brandon Masters 15 Jan 2020

The Next Generation of Electronics, Gizmos and Gadgets

It’s a tradition unlike any other: As we shake off the rust of the holiday break and prepare to jump-start the New Year with heightened resolve, we also get a glimpse at a possible tech-fueled future thanks to CES.

CES - also known as the Consumer Electronics Show - is the annual Las Vegas-based expo during which some of the biggest technology brands in the world highlight their latest achievements and discuss their roadmaps for a better future. Every January, brands like Sony, Tesla, Samsung, LG, TCL, Impossible Meats and more pull no punches with their announcements and reveals, often informing headlines that are seemingly pulled from Tony Stark’s vault of genius tech inventions.

Given our interest in the evolution of technology (especially gaming) and our formal/informal relationships with some of CES’ participating companies, we pay close attention to everything that is announced. Below are a few things we think you ought to know:

Samsung's Rotating 'Sero' TV

Samsung, the Korea-based technology company, revealed a TV that can flip between landscape and portrait modes with the tap of a button. Literally, the TV will rotate on its axis so consumers can view social content in various formats. Want to watch Instagram Stories on a 43-inch 8K screen sans giant black bars on either side of the screen? Want no more and watch them in portrait mode with Samsung’s Sero TV. (Source:

TCL Introduces a Smartphone

A company that KontrolFreek has partnered with throughout the years, TCL is widely known for its premium-yet-affordable line of televisions. But they aren’t stopping at TVs (and movie theaters…we see you TCL Chinese Theater), TCL introduced a line of Android-based phones, including a 5G phone named the TCL 10 5G. Knowing where mobile gaming is currently (and headed in the near future thanks to streaming and 5G), it’s safe to say we’ll be checking these out when available. (Source:

Dog Mood Monitoring

Have you ever wondered what your dog was thinking and wish some technology company would be bold enough to address that challenge? Well, Inupathy clearly knows why we love CES and introduced a harness-like device that monitors dogs’ heart rates to create a “predictive index in their mood.” We’re one step closer to knowing what those dogs were talking about in that famous poker painting. (Source:

A handheld Gaming PC by Alienware

Imagine a handheld PC, the design of which is informed by the latest in handheld gaming ergonomics. Now imagine you can play the latest Microsoft Windows 10 games on that handheld. Finally, imagine that handheld PC was created by Alienware, which is widely known for its premium and powerful hardware. (Source:

PS5 is Officially Coming in 2020

Boy does Sony know how to tease us. We’re finally in 2020, the year the next generation of video game consoles will launch. During CES, Sony formally highlighted the logo for PS5. And while it was definitely a tease of more to come, it was also a good old fashioned “pinch in the arm” to snap us out of the post-holiday haze and remind that “yes, this is going to be a great year for gaming.” (Source:

These were a few of the announcements that caught our eyes. What was your favorite piece of news to come out of CES? Anything missing you wish was announced? We want to know! Hit us @kontrolfreek on Twitter and let us know your thoughts.

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