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Introducing Gaming Cables 2.0: Redesigned to Power Up Your Game

by Jessica Tillery 23 Jan 2020

Innovation lives in the KontrolFreek manifesto. It is a word spoken in every product design meeting. And true to our core, innovation is what led us to the redesign of our Gaming Cables line. We had a problem to solve: how could we improve our controller cables, ethernet cables and HDMI cables to better suit the needs of our customers? 

The KontrolFreek design team researched frustrations from our existing cables and mapped out a new era of gaming cables, specifically created for gamers using controllers and consoles, PC and micro USB-compatible mobile devices. 

So, what can you expect from our new and improved Gaming Cables? 


Our redesigned high-speed data cables feature a durable purple and black nylon braid with round construction, so you can charge-up without tripping over tangled cables. This stylish braid stretches to 12-feet, which means you can continue to play on your favorite controller while it charges.

Gaming Cables also come with a velcro strip for easy winding and storage. 


The durable flex strain relief design stays strong... even if you freak out and rage quit. The new and improved design reinforces stress points to increase durability as you move and bend the controller charging cable during gameplay. 


Like the best teammates, we’ve got you covered. Our redesigned Gaming Cables are backed for as long as you own the cable. If you face any defects in materials or workmanship under normal use conditions, we’ll send you a new cable. Terms and conditions apply. 



Power-up and take charge. Keep your charging quick, your display clear and your Ethernet at maximum speed. All three of our gaming cables feature high-speed capabilities. 

Whether you are looking for a PS4 charging cable, Xbox One charging cable, a micro USB mobile charging cable, an HDMI cable, or an Ethernet cable, KontrolFreek has you covered. Gaming Cables have the following options to choose from:

Gaming Cables began with a search to answer the looming question: How can we innovate our current cables to improve the gaming experience? After research, design, and tests, we think we’ve nailed it. 

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