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PAX South 2020 Convention Recap

by Eva Wei 24 Jan 2020

SAN ANTONIO - Gaming fans came together this past weekend at Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas for one of the largest gaming conventions in the country - PAX South. 

From Friday to Sunday, this three-day event attracted thousands of attendees into a large expo hall packed with exhibitors and vendors, along with game demo booths, a plethora of panels, and tabletop games. The middle of the expo floor featured a large tournament stage with PC setups on each side for hosting tourneys throughout the weekend.

A common activity that can be seen at conventions like PAX South is cosplaying. Cosplayers filled the convention center’s expo hall and conference rooms, donning elaborate costumes from their favorite shows, movies, and video games. From characters in Super Smash Bros to champions from League of Legends, there were cosplays from every fandom imaginable. 

This year’s PAX South featured an Almost Pro $10K Fortnite Tourney. “Almost Pro” is the official PAX amateur competition and returned this year featuring a massive 50 player drop Fortnite solos tourney with a $10,000 prize pool. Outside of competitive tourneys, there were multiple gaming options laid out for attendees to engage in freeplay. Both AAA title and indie game companies set up stations for attendees to demo their prospective game titles. Between VR, tabletop board games, and console freeplay, there were a variety of options to suit every gamer who attended. 

In addition to the variety of gaming activities, the largest attraction was the giant expo hall that featured over 100 exhibitors and vendors from across the country. Here, attendees could walk through isles featuring booths from Meta Threads, Gunnar Optiks, tinyBuild games, and so many more. 

At this year’s PAX South, KontrolFreek debuted its newest expo booth that featured bright lights and an interactive product testing station where attendees could physically test out KontrolFreek products while playing Mortal Kombat and Borderlands 2. 

Featured products included Performance Grips for both Xbox and Playstation controllers, as well as FPS Freek Galaxy, Rush, Omni, and FPS Freek Edge. The variety of products displayed gave everyone the option to see what product best fit their console choice and gaming style.

Overall, PAX South had another great year in San Antonio, Texas. Have you ever gone to a convention before? Is there a convention you’ve always wanted to go to? We want to hear! Hit up @kontrolfreek on Twitter and let us know where you’ve always wanted to go.



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