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FreekNation’s Top Rated Madden NFL Games

by Megan Miller 09 Sep 2020

With the first game release dating back to 1988, Madden NFL has become one of the most iconic sport franchises in the gaming industry. In spirit of the new Madden NFL 21 game released on August 28, 2020, we reached out to FreekNation over on Twitter to ask them what their favorite Madden NFL games have been throughout the years. Here’s what they had to say:

Madden NFL 21 

Release date: August 28, 2020

With new and improved graphics, Madden NFL 21 has shocked fans with how realistic the game looks and feels. Not only do the players look more realistic, but the graphics for the environment have also been enhanced. The rain especially looks so real in game that you can see the water soaked into the player's jersey. 

Madden NFL 13

Release date: August 28, 2012 

Fans really enjoyed Madden NFL 13 because it was the first game in the series to introduce the Infinity Engine. The Infinity Engine brought real life physics to the players in the game. Momentum, mass, muscle tension, and even player interaction was accounted for by this engine. 

Madden NFL 08

Release date: August 14, 2007

Madden NFL 08 made advancements in the player rating systems by adding in Weapon classes. Weapon classes showed what areas a player may be exceptionally strong in. This new addition helped gamers strategize where to most effectively place their team-mates.

Madden NFL 07 

Release date: August 22, 2006

The Influence System was a new addition launched in the Hall of Fame mode in Madden NFL 07 that fans really enjoyed. With this new feature, performing well in a game gave you the opportunity to earn new titles. When you receive a new title, you are rewarded by being able to upgrade your team-mates and player skills. 

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