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What’s Changing in Destiny 2

by Ashish Mistry 25 Aug 2017


With the release of our KontrolFreek Ghost and Destiny 2’s highly anticipated release just around the corner, and the end of August’s open beta fresh on our minds, FreekNation is buzzing with excitement and we can’t wait to get our hands on the final product. While we are certainly looking forward to the graphic and sound enhancements that come along with a sequel (hellooooo 4K), it’s the gameplay that really solidified the original Destiny as a premier FPS game and one of the best space-shooters of all time. The resounding question we all have for Destiny 2? Can Bungie capitalize on the features that made Destiny so successful, and find new ways to innovate and improve to make its sequel even better? Following the end of the beta, overall reactions to the new game seem to be really positive, with the additional changes to gameplay and new features managing to enhance the overall experience of the player. Some of the biggest changes from Destiny to Destiny 2 can be highlighted in 3 categories: the gameplay, campaign, and PVP. FreekNation has been a great source of commentary and updates post-beta, you can find plenty of information about the beta and the future of Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 is making moves to take everything fans loved about the original game and enhance those elements with new polish and mechanics. Even in the open beta, it’s clear that Bungie has managed to maintain the satisfying gun-feel and player mobility that made the first game such a pleasure to play. That being said, there are still some pretty significant changes from Destiny to Destiny 2. Perhaps the most significant amongst the new additions is the change to the weapon system. In Destiny, weapons were divided by category into primary, secondary and heavy weapon slots. Destiny 2 diverges from this system by changing the categories into kinetic, energy and power weapons. This new system allows for more strategic weapon sets for you optimize your loadout against your opponents.

The weapons system isn’t the only thing changing in Destiny 2. The open beta gave us a first look at 3 new subclasses for the original classes. The Titan’s new Sentinal subclass allows you to summon a throwable shield that supplements their short-range combat style. The Hunter’s new Arcstrider subclass allows players to live out their martial arts fantasies as the Hunter equips an electrified staff and unleashes a flurry of devastating blows. Last, but not least, the Warlock’s new subclass, Dawnblade, allows you to take a flaming sword and deliver powerful blasts of energy with every swing. Not only have these subclasses changed, but each class now has new abilities such as a dodge roll while reloading for Hunters, a protective wall for Titans, and a healing field for Warlocks. For a more in-depth review of the new classes, you can check out this class review by YouTuber and Destiny aficionado, Mtashed, below.  


One of the most noticeable deficits in Destiny was the lack of exposition on the overall story. While the in-game universe was extremely rich in lore, a lack of direction left players adrift as to why they were performing particular actions. While Grimoire Cards provided some details on characters and villains, the lack of direct information in-game was arguably one of the lowest points in Destiny. In the ultimate example of taking a frown and turning it upside down, Destiny 2 has already introduced their new campaign, featuring iconic characters, a dramatic conflict and most importantly, a terrifying new villain. The opening sequence of the campaign in the beta shows the Tower under attack from an unknown foe as destruction rains from the sky. YouTuber, content creator, and recent feature in our Community SpotlightXHOUNDISHx has been keeping viewers updated with in-depth videos and highlights regarding Destiny 2. Check out his video below for more info about the most recent trailer released for Destiny 2!

The campaign isn’t the only thing getting an overhaul in Destiny 2, with PVP arguably receiving the most changes from the original. A ton of players converged in the recent open beta to try out the new features in PVP. While Destiny’s PVP was always exciting, there were certain elements that really encouraged actions like camping with a sniper or rushing with a shotgun to secure a kill. Destiny 2 has changed things up by reducing the max team size to 4 and incorporating more strategic and competitive gameplay elements. Ultimates also take longer to charge which means players will need to wait to unleash their abilities until it has the most strategic value for their team. If you want to see the new PVP system in action, you can check out one of FreekNation’s best Destiny 2 players, Wish You Luckk’s PVP video here:

These are just a few of the changes in Destiny 2, and we are likely to see even more features added following the feedback from the open beta. Destiny 2 drops on September 9, so make sure you prepare appropriately by picking up the officially licensed KontrolFreek Ghost so you can prepare to get back into the fight. Let us know what you thought of the beta and what you are looking forward to for Destiny 2!

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