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Your Questions Answered: New 12FT Gaming Cables

by Jessica Tillery 06 Feb 2020

#FreekNation embraced our new Gaming Cables with oohs, ahs & a few questions. So let’s cut to the chase and provide the answers that some of you were asking for. 

Bonus: We’ll also go into the differences between USB A-to-Micro, HDMI 4K and CAT-6 Ethernet, so you know which gaming cables are the right fit for your set-up. 

Q. What is the Lifetime Limited Warranty on Gaming Cables? 

A. Any new Gaming Cables purchased after January 14th, 2020, will receive a Lifetime Limited Warranty if the Gaming Cable malfunctions or fails to perform. Send in proof of purchase of your registered cable along with a photo/video of the faulty product and we’ll send you a brand new cable free of charge! Click here for all terms & conditions of the Lifetime Limited Warranty on our Gaming Cables:, and don’t forget to register your cable so you’re ready if you need it.

Q. How has the cable construction been improved?

A. Our new Gaming Cable line was redesigned with durability in mind. Here’s a list of our coolest modifications:

  • An improved outer flexible strain relief design prevents mechanical forces applied to the cable (think kinks and sharp bends) from being transferred to the electrical terminations within the connector.
  • Addition of UV adhesive on the connector PCB provides internal strain relief to the solder joints.
  • For HDMI and Micro-USB, we switched from a 2-part plastic to a single part aluminum that increases the strength of the connector housing and protects the PCB.

Q. What materials went into making these cables?

A. Kontrolfreek prides itself on high-quality products. In order to achieve this, we spend hundreds of hours researching premium materials for new products. When it comes to Gaming Cables, we use the following:

  • Aluminum housing for connector durability
  • 100% bare copper wire for peak performance
  • Plastic inner jacket to protect the copper wires
  • Premium nylon braiding for flexible installation options and tangle prevention  

Now to answer the biggest question of them all - what gaming cables is right for my set-up? Maybe you’re on the search for just one cable or maybe you are curious if you need two or three cables to get the full benefits. We’re here to help. 

USB A-to-Micro: Our 12FT/3.6M USB A-to-Micro USB Gaming Cable™ is a high-speed data & charging cable specifically created for gamers using controllers, PC, and micro USB-compatible mobile devices. It features a round construction to prevent tangling, and a flex strain relief design so you can power up and take charge of your game.


HDMI 4K: Our 12FT/3.6M HDMI 4K Ultra Gaming Cable™ boasts high-speed HDMI 2.0 compliance to maximize your graphical output and keep your gaming display crystal clear. It supports Ethernet, 3D, Audio Return Channel (ARC), High Dynamic Range Video and 4K Ultra HD @ 60 FPS.


CAT-8 Ethernet: Our 12FT/3.6M CAT-8 Ethernet Gaming Cable™ supports Fast & Gigabit Ethernet at 10/100/1000 speeds. It is made from 100% bare copper wire with 50 micron gold plated RJ45 plugs and features shielded connectors for high-speed data transfers and minimal signal loss.


There you have it, #FreekNation. Still can’t find the answer you are looking for? Feel free to Tweet us @kontrolfreek with your questions or reach out to
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