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An Invisible Force Has Arrived: Introducing Crystal Galaxy!

by Troy Gloski 25 Apr 2023

Last year, we returned from an epic mission to explore the vast shadowy regions of our universe with a new black on black edition of our bestselling Galaxy Performance Thumbsticks. The response from FreekNation was so loud that a signal was sent out to an invisible force from a far away galaxy that has been hurtling towards our world ever since. We are proud to announce to FreekNation that Crystal Galaxy has finally arrived! 

KontrolFreek FPS Crystal Galaxy Performance Thumbsticks are unlike anything we’ve ever made before. As the creator of Performance Gaming Gear, we've built the FreekNation community of more than four million gamers. We value the feedback of our fans, who made Galaxy Thumbsticks our bestselling thumbsticks since 2018. We’ve heard that you want more colors, more customization options, and more ways to improve your controller. Crystal Galaxy Performance Thumbsticks are our first ever to feature a clear grip surface on a clear stem. 

The Crystal Galaxy pack features two clearPerformance Thumbsticks: one 6.5mm Mid-Rise Thumbstick for improved in-game movement control on the left stick and one 10mm High-Rise Thumbstick for increased accuracy and precision on the right stick. These mixed-height thumbsticks feature the classic Galaxy laser-etched design on our most grippy material, but are completely clear, making these the perfect upgrade to improve your game and make your controller shine like glimmering crystal! 

Galaxy Thumbsticks are the Performance Thumbstick of choice for professional gamers because they provide top of the line performance and can stand up to the grueling demands of competitive and online play.FaZe Flea uses them to win more Victory Royales in Fortnite. LA Guerrillas’Arcitys dominates the professional Call of Duty scene with his Galaxy Thumbstickswhich are approved for tournament use. We’re going to be using our Crystal Galaxy Thumbsticks to crush battle droids and storm troopers in Jedi Survivor this weekend, but we’re confident that you will love them no matter what you play! 

The added grip from KontrolFreek Thumbsticks increase comfort and control across your entire library of games, while protecting your controller’s stock thumbsticks from wear and tear. KontrolFreek Crystal Galaxy Thumbsticks are the perfect upgrade to improve the accuracy, control, and comfort of any PlayStation or Xbox controller while enhancing the style for a truly unique clear look!  

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