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BattleFront II Heroes Tips and Tricks

by Ashish Mistry 17 Nov 2017

While everyone in the KontrolFreek office is excited to get their hands on Star Wars BattleFront II, there is one thing in particular about this game we are all looking forward to. Heroes. While the idea of jumping into an X-Wing or taking on a droid army as a Republic commando sounds fun, the idea of taking the field as Darth Vader or defending your allies as Han Solo is what we are looking forward to the most. If you are the lucky player that gets to become a hero and change the tide of a battle, or you are going to be playing the hero battle, it’s important to know how to maximize your effectiveness as your selected hero. Here are a few tips and tricks on some of the best heroes you will want to play in BattleFront II.


It’s no surprise that Jedi Master and mentor to Luke Skywalker leads off the list as one of the most powerful heroes in BattleFront II. Due to his small stature, Yoda’s hitbox is significantly smaller than other classes and heroes, giving him a significant advantage when it comes to combat. Yoda has three abilities that when used in conjunction allow him to quickly navigate the battlefield dishing out heals and damage in equal spades.
Unleash – This ability allows Yoda to damage and push back any foes in front of him. Strategically positioning Yoda to use this ability to knock people off the map is a great way to score some fast kills.
Dash – Capitalizing on Yoda’s small size, Dash allows him to zip around the battlefield, quickly moving from opponent to opponent, or moving quickly to avoid damage to heal himself.
Presence – This ability allows Yoda to heal both himself and allies. Assuming his opponents are ever able to actually land a hit on this nimble hero, Presence will bring Yoda and his team back to fighting strength.

The star of the upcoming film, The Last Jedi, it’s no surprise that Rey earns her spot as one of the best hero characters in the game. Rey’s abilities make her a complete freight train of damage dealing terror. This hero will lead from the front, with the abilities to charge forward while dealing out damage, crowd control opponents to stop them from moving while she finishes them off with her lightsaber, and an awareness that reveals the enemy location allowing her to plan her next rush.
Dash Strike – Rey becomes a juggernaut, charging forward with her blade raised high and quickly dispatching anyone too slow to get out of her way.
Mind Trick – Rey uses the force to cloud the mind of her opponents which causes them to stand still and defenseless as she moves in for the kill.
Insight – Focusing on her surroundings, Rey is able to reveal the location of the enemy which allows her to plan her next move or coordinate a Dash Strike on an unsuspecting foe.

Leia Organa
Princess Leia has come a long way from the damsel in distress we were introduced to in A New Hope. This hero is proof that not all characters need to charge directly into the fray to secure a win for their team. Leia’s abilities allow her to protect her allies and when used strategically, can devastate an enemy team that isn’t coordinated.
Rapid Fire – While not as damage oriented as many heroes, Leia can unleash a storm of blaster fire that will keep an opponent thinking twice about trying to close the distance.
Squad Shield – Leia deploys a shield that can protect herself and her allies. This mobile shield can enhance a team’s mobility and allow them to push forward while protected.
Flash Grenades – Leia throws a grenade that unleashes a blinding flash and halts her opponents. If this ability hits multiple enemies then Leia can take on an entire team in safety.


Boba Fett
The most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy, Boba Fett fuses his damaging arsenal with unparalleled mobility. Once Boba Fett has an opponent in his crosshairs, he has a variety of ways to deliver a killing shot, all while safely far above the battlefield with his jetpack. To optimize your gameplay with Boba Fett, you will need to be taking advantage of his flight and damaging special abilities to surprise unknowing foes, while fleeing from deadly lightsabers.
For the Hunt – Boba Fett never misses his mark, and this ability allows him to see nearby enemies on the battlefield while providing unlimited fuel for his jetpack so he can get the drop on his opponent.
Concussion Rocket – Every bounty hunter knows that a dazed opponent leads to an easy kill. Boba Fett fires a stunning rocket that halts anyone unfortunate enough to be in the blast radius.
Rocket Barrage – What’s the best way to seal the deal when you are trying to drop your opponent? A little rocket overkill tends to secure the match and Boba Fett can jetpack away to find a new target.

Kylo Ren
It wouldn’t be Star Wars without a masked villain all clad in black, red lightsaber blazing as he carves his way across the battle. Kylo Ren channels his rage and is capable of delivering a series of savage blows to any opponent. The smart thing to do if you see this villain approaching is to turn and flee, but you won’t get far when Kylo uses his ability to pull opponents back to melee range.
Frenzy – Unleashing the full power of his rage, Frenzy allows Kylo Ren to leap from opponent to opponent unleashing a series of vicious strikes that can easily take out his opponents.
Freeze – If you think your enemy is about flee before your vicious onslaught, using Freeze will lock them in place, helplessly waiting as Kylo approaches with his lightsaber.
Pull – If an enemy manages to avoid Freeze, they still aren’t going to be surviving their encounter with this Sith villain. Pull will bring your opponents back to melee range and you can finish them off.

Darth Maul
One of the most iconic villains from any series, Darth Maul never stops moving as he carves his way across the battlefield using athletics and the power of the dark side. Utilizing his speed and the reach of his double-bladed lightsaber, Darth Maul can close a gap between himself and his opponent in the blink of an eye.
Spin Attack – Darth Maul leaps forward, quickly covering a large area while spinning his lightsaber much to the detriment of anyone in his way.
Choke Hold – Tapping into the dark side, Darth Maul lifts opponents into the air, chocking the life out of them before slamming them into the ground.
Furious Throw – This Sith doesn’t even have to be near his opponent to take them down. By throwing his lightsaber across the battlefield, Darth Maul can mow down any opponent that makes the mistake of being in his line of sight.






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