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New Characters and Stories in Overwatch

by Ashish Mistry 10 Nov 2017

Screenshot-2017-11-3-NEW-HERO-COMING-SOON-Introducing-Moira-Overwatch-YouTube-2Following November’s 11th annual Blizzcon event, Blizzard released several details about their upcoming plans for their hit game, Overwatch. From new skins to new characters, there are some really exciting things coming out soon for one of our favorite first-person shooters. While we won’t see many of these new features until early 2018, some PC gamers have already had the chance to try out the newest addition to the Overwatch lineup.

Perhaps the biggest announcement for Overwatch is the introduction of a new member to the roster. Moira, an evil geneticists and damage/healer-hybrid, is the newest member of the game’s roster. She comes packed with the ability to heal her allies and damage her enemies simultaneously. Like any member of Talon, she, of course, boasts an ability to move around the map in a unique way. Like a combination of Reaper’s Shadowstep and Sombra’s Thermoptic Camo, Moria’s ability, Fade, allows her to disappear from view and quickly move to different location. This will certainly make her difficult to pin down and will likely make her one of the more mobile support classes to match Lucio’s speed enhancement and Mercy’s winged flight.

Moira’s nimbleness certainly makes her an interesting new character, but it definitely doesn’t define her. Much like Zenyatta, Moira’s capacity for healing is matched by the damage she can lash out. This character is defined by the duality of healing and damaging, at her best when she weaving the two to the benefit of her allies, and detriment of the enemy. With a left hand that sends a healing surge and a right hand that shoots a damaging beam (similar to Symmetra’s primary attack), Moira will need to stay in the middle of the action to ensure she is as effective as possible. One ability summons an orb – which can be used to either heal or harm –  that will bounce off walls and go around corners. This ability adds an additional layer of strategy since you won’t need to risk your healer to keep an over-enthusiastic Genji up (you know, the one that always runs into the fray without the team). Just bounce a healy-ball in after him while he does his dragon thing.

Perhaps the most important aspect of any Overwatch character, Moria’s ultimate move accentuates this character’s role as a damage/healer-hybrid. Bringing her hands together, Moira unleashes a beam that can be used to damage or heal all at once. There’s an old saying that when you chase two rabbits you catch none, but if early gameplay videos are anything to go by, Moira seems completely adept at fulfilling dual roles in combat. We can’t wait to see how this character continues to develop and finally get the chance to play her on console.

Aside from an exciting new character, the Overwatch team at Blizzard delivered a new character origin video for the German Crusader, Reinhardt. If you haven’t kept up with Blizzard’s origin videos for their heroes, we can’t recommend them enough. The exciting gameplay of Overwatch is supplemented with a very rich story that add a new element of enjoyment to the game itself. If you are a Reinhardt fan (and shame on you if you’re not), make sure you check out a glimpse into his past below. Maybe make sure you have a tissue handy, though!

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