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3 Things We Learned About Borderlands 3 From The BL3 Stream Team

by Mason Moreau 14 Aug 2019

B-Land Theft Auto

In case you weren't aware, Borderlands 3's Twitch Channel has been blowing up with gameplay recently. Their dedicated team of streamers has been burning that midnight oil to bring hours of co-op gameplay to our screens and we've been soaking it all in.

We've had these streams on constantly in our office since they started, but we understand that not everyone has that kind of time, and A LOT of us want to avoid spoilers for the game altogether. 

So here are three morsels of spoiler free info that you can chew on until the game's  September 13th release date. 

You Can Hijack Enemy Vehicles

What was always a head scratcher in past BL games is finally here. If there's a Psycho going psycho on your ass, you can finally give him the what-for and then ride off in his whip. 

Fl4k is Indeed Awesome

After the initial reveal, BL3 was pretty silent about their new Beastmaster character class. Until recently when we finally got to see his abilities in action. The multiple pet choices at the character's disposal really look like they set the stage for some light, yet deeply satisfying combat strategy. 

Raise your hand if you're going to pick Fl4k as your main. 

There Are Legit Cutscenes

Another one of the many quality of life improvements made to BL3, there are legit cutscenes now! Don't get us wrong, we were always satisfied with the way the past 3 games' stories were presented. There's just something about having cutscenes that makes the game seem like it has more... polish. 

Well there ya go! Hope this was helpful while you go about your busy day. Leave a comment below with what your favorite feature is so far. But be nice! NO SPOILERS!

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