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5 Things To Consider Before Playing The Gunfight Alpha

by Mason Moreau 21 Aug 2019

Bring a controller to the Gunfight

We're sure we speak for most CoD fans with a PS4 when we say that we were pretty ecstatic when Activision announced a surprise Alpha for Modern Warfare at Gamescom earlier this week. We're finally going to be able to have a small taste of the new Gunfight multiplayer mode before the beta launches in September.

If you're anything like us and you want to be as prepared as possible to squeeze every last drop of multiplayer mayhem out of this Alpha, then you're in luck. We put together a list of 5 Things To Consider Before Playing the Gunfight Alpha. 

You Can Pre-Load The Software

It was just confirmed that the software will be available for pre-load on PS4 a day before the Alpha launches. So make sure you queue up that download so you can launch the software as soon as they open the gates. 

There Will Be a Total of 5 Maps

According to Dexerto, there will be a total of five Gunfight-tailored maps available: Speedball, King, Pine, Docks, and Stack. Two of which we've already seen from past streams. We would have done a whole post detailing these maps, but we haven't seen a single thing about 3 fifths of them. Needless to say, it's going to be excited to dive in and learn the ins and outs. 

Choose Your Teammate Wisely

We all love playing online with friends, and Gunfight's 2v2 setup is the perfect mode to hop into with a friend.

Here's the thing, though. You have to consider picking someone who you communicate well with. 2v2 is a double edged sword. Good and bad team dynamics are further amplified by the small size. So if you want to ensure more victories, make sure your buddy has your six. 

The Game Isn't Finished

Before you lose your entire sense of self in a violent fit of lag-fueled rage and vow to never play Call of Duty again (then start up a match once you've cooled down), it's important to remember that the game still isn't finished. It's a work in progress, and this is the first time any mass audience will get to play the game. How many times do you see a developer going public with an Alpha of all things? 

So remember to be patient. After all, you're part of the reason why the game will be smooth as butter come launch. 

Keep Track of the Weapons

We already know that there will be a ridiculous amount of weapons in this game. This is the first time we'll have unfettered access, albeit randomized, to the list of weapons. So be on the lookout for any weapons that may be making a return from previous games. There are bound be a few. We have our fingers crossed for the ACR. 

Well, that's it! Have a good one FreekNation! We hope we prepped you sufficiently for the Alpha. The rest is in your hands. Do you have any tips of your own? Let us know in the comments! 

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