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Move Over Chicken Sandwich, It's Time To Talk About The Wii

by Mason Moreau 29 Aug 2019

Where was this in the history books?

Recently there have been two kinds of people. Those who had the chance to try this new Popeyes chicken sandwich and those who did not.

It’s a shame that Popeyes ran out so soon, because we hear the thing is stellar. How on earth did this happen? Surely they knew it was going to be a hit. Right? Surely they could have guessed that people were going to be clamoring for this sandwich? Who’s the sorry SOB who bought one on eBay for over $7,000? How can a company create such a phenomenon seemingly overnight? Did Chick-Fil-A and Wendy’s joins forces in a shakespearean attempt to silence one more claim to the fast food chicken sandwich throne? So many questions, so little ans—

Hold on… this sounds a lot like the the launch of the Nintendo Wii. Let's talk about this. 

Changing the Game

All the way back in good ol’ 2006, the next generation of consoles were getting ready to release. Nintendo made waves with it’s innovative motion controlled console. Hardcore gamers were cautious about the Wii because of its lack of graphical fidelity, but for the most part people were excited to experience gaming in a brand new way.


The Wii delivered on the promise that it would be the ultimate family home console with intuitive controls that provided a way for families to be active in their living rooms. They further drove the point home with their STELLAR “Wii would like to play” advertising campaign. People of all ages were geared up for the Wii. There was just one problem…

They sold out EVERYWHERE. Sound familiar?

Demanding In Excess

Nintendo totally underestimated the Wii's appeal, as such, the supply of consoles to the states was lower than what was being demanded. The excess demand for Wii's made it extremely difficult to find one anywhere, and when you did find one, you bought it. No questions asked. 

via Wikipedia

It wasn't long before this hit the news and the Nintendo Wii was officially a national phenomenon. They were selling on eBay for ridiculous prices, and every kid in school had to have one if they wanted any chance at being cool. Better yet, if you were one of the kids who actually had a Wii right after it's launch you WERE the cool kid. Everyone wanted to go to that kid's house.

It was a complete drought. 

What happens next?

Nintendo were able to fix the problem though. It wasn't long until they were able to help every Wii find its forever home. 

So if you're worried about this sandwich being gone forever, don't be. It's gonna come back soon. There's no way it won't. 

Let's just hope that when it does come back, it's not called the Chicken Sandwich U. Because the Wii U sold out too...

Hope you liked this little piece of gaming history that we put together for ya. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments! Til next time FreekNation!

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