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FreekNation Predicts E3 2019!

by Mason Moreau 07 Jun 2019

All's Well That Guesses Well

E3 Season such a great time to be in video games. Emotions are on high on the business and consumer end as they both anticipate the reactions of one another. Regardless, part of the fun of E3 is the speculation and if you think we're above guessing about our favorite franchises, you're sorely mistaken. 

So as we do every year, we've made 3 predictions for each press conference. We'll check back in after the show to see how well we did. After all, we're industry experts. Let's hope we're not horribly wrong about all of this. That would be embarrassing. 


  1. Halo Infinite Will Be a Next Gen Launch Game
  2. Project xCloud will be available to anyone with gamepass
  3. Rare will announce a reboot of the Conker franchise


  1. Starlink will get an official teaser trailer
  2. Doom Eternal will be the main event
  3. BIG Changes to Fallout 76


  1. Everything announced, minus Nintendo Exclusives, will be available to stream on Google Stadia
  2. The next collaboration with Nintendo will either be Mario vs. Rabbids Kingdom Battle II or a new game with a Legend of Zelda setting
  3. A New Splinter Cell game will be announced; will be a reimagining of the series

Square Enix

  1. Brand New Avengers game will be the main showcase
  2. Surprise announcement of Resident Evil 8; Will be about Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine
  3. Some part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be playable after the show is over


  1. The new Nintendo Switch models will be unveiled
  2. Metroid Prime Trilogy Remastered will be unveiled; will release in the fall
  3. Mario Kart Tour will open the direct and will be available immediately following the presentation

FreekNation's Predictions! 

We took to Twitter to ask all of YOU what your thoughts were, and we're gathering them here! Keep checking back in to see if your prediction makes it onto our watchlist! 

If you have a prediction that you want to see featured, leave a comment below! Also head over to during each show to watch the conferences along with us! 
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