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4 Things We Learned From The Modern Warfare Trailer

by Mason Moreau 31 May 2019

The Future is Modern

What a great surprise! The Call of Duty Modern Warfare vets over at Infinity Ward have finally revealed the game they've been working on: a reimagining of the Modern Warfare franchise. If we're being real here though, we all saw it coming right? 

Yesterday's teaser trailer was the perfect type of trailer. It gave viewers a look at the tone of the game and the subject matter that will be explored without revealing too much about the story. That being said, there were a few little morsels of information we were able to pick up on after watching the trailer a few times.

So here's what we can 100% confirm is in the game: 

Captain Price But Not Tho?

Correct us if we're wrong, but didn't Price die at the end of MW3? We're pretty sure he did. So the big character reveal at the beginning of this trailer has to confirm that this is either a brand new timeline - fitting in with the title choice - or this game will be set between the events of the old games. But, if the story is set in 2007, wouldn't that make it unmodern warfare? Ugh the headaches have already started. 

The New Engine Is Gorgeous

Every frame of this video was rendered within Infinity Ward's brand new engine. And this engine amazing to behold. Supposedly able to support native 4k, ray-tracing, and much more nerdy graphics goodness, if this trailer is only scratching the surface of what the new engine can do then we can't wait to see what photorealistic locales we'll be headed to in October.   

Seal Team Six Vibes

Have you seen the movie Zero Dark Thirty? If not, then you should. If so, then we bet you saw the night vision goggle scene and immediately thought of the finale of that movie. Furthermore, the group of soldiers this game's campaign seems to revolve around seems like a fictionalized version of Seal Team Six. 

From the looks of it, we'll be playing as a group of elite soldiers who are the go-to squad for high-stakes operations. That's modern warfare AF. 

Realism All The Way

Part of the reason why the campaigns of the original Modern Warfare trilogy were so gripping was their ability to put players in the shoes of soldiers who had to make questionable decisions for the greater good. Amidst the backdrop of a fun modern military shooter, players subsequently had to battle with the moral implications of such decisions. We're looking at you No Russian. 

Since then, Call of Duty has been all about scope. Bigger stakes, the world, the universe, jetpacks, hovercars, zombies, everything under the sun. Call of Duty went full Sci-Fi until Sledgehammer reeled it back in with WWII. Now the franchise is bringing the past into the present, and reports are already coming in that this new Modern Warfare is going to be rife with uncomfortable situations that mirror the modern day geopolitical military climate. And this trailer certainly pointed the game's tone in that direction. 

What are you most looking forward to after seeing the trailer? Let us know in the comments below! Also be sure to check out our overview of how far D.Va has come since Overwatch's launch. Til next time FreekNation!   

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