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Fortnite Anniversary: The Vault's Greatest Hits

by Mason Moreau 18 Jul 2019

Please don't throw away the key, Epic

The idea of having a "vault" where you put old, discontinued, or important products is certainly not a new one. But Fortnite does it a little differently. Some of the most memorable weapons in Fortnite history are in its vault. Just waiting to be taken back out or reworked. 

With Fortnite's anniversary coming up, now is a better time than ever to take a look at our favorite items in the vault that we sincerely hope Epic brings back out. By the way, none of us are very good at Fortnite, so most of these are items that we felt gave us an advantage over you master builders.

X-4 Stormwing

Uhhhh planes in Fortnite? Sign us up! The Stormwing was such a great vehicle for knocking down huge build. Fitting with the trend of leveling the playing field for players with less experience, the X-4 Stormwing was a great example of a vehicle that made the game more accessible and shifted the meta towards less build-savvy players. 

Tactical SMG

As the perfect compliment to a shotgun, The tactical SMG was quickly replaced. But it had its day! Before the new SMG came out, this was a go-to for breaking walls and structures, then cleaning up with a shotty. 


Come on now. Who doesn't want an item that just straight up destroys people's buildings? In a lot of cases that could mean a whole team kill. But in reality it was incredibly OP, and most players just got angry at whoever used a BoomBox.


Remember when we said we weren't good and we like items that help us compete? Well the Port-A-Fortress is exhibit A for being an all-time favorite. Finding one of these was a godsend for late round matches, and we often find ourselves wishing it came back. 

Boom Bow

The Boom Bow was fun. Plain and simple. It wasn't the most practical for anything that wasn't knocking down buildings and the travel drop was pretty bad, but landing trick shots with it was a damn good time. We really just want it back for the YouTube compilations to be honest...

What was your favorite item that got thrown in the Fortnite vault? Let us know in the comments below! See you next week FreekNation!

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