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Apex Legends Season 2's Biggest Changes

by Mason Moreau 05 Jul 2019

Keeping It Fresh

Whether you made your way through the battle pass tiers or not, Season 1 of Apex Legends was still a  little bit of a letdown. The new character had already leaked before the launch, and there really just wasn't enough content to really change up the gameplay. Overall it seemed like they rushed it out the door. 

Needless to say, there were some pretty high expectations for Season 2. This is really Respawn's time to shine. So we've thrown together all of the big Season 2 changes that we think makes the new pass worth the $10.

We already knew they'd be releasing a significant patch, adding new items and such. So we focused on the cooler aspects of this new update. 

New Legend: Wattson

Alright we're gonna say it. Wattson looks like a Mei reskin. Alright now that that comparison is out of the way lets' talk about her abilities. 

Similar to Caustic, Wattson is a defensive support character. Her abilities revolve around setting up defensive perimeters and healing teammates. We've had a blast playing as her, and we found that her play style is most similar to lifeline but just a little more offensive. 

There's Now a Gold Mozambique

Yeah yeah, we hated on this pretty hard in the past. But come on, a Mozambique that's actually good? Who could pass that up? 

Map Changes

The in-canon explanation for all of these changes is that the barrier separating King's Canyon from wildlife has been lifted; causing those crazy dinosaur cthulu things to run rampant across the map. 

Aside from the spectacle, the new locale that replaced Bridges called "The Cage" is our first real taste of what Respawn can do with drastic map changes. Color us impressed. 

Reworks to the Ring

Surprise! The whole ring has been reworked with new times and damage outputs as the match progresses. Now, entering the ring in round 1 generates 2% damage and increases all the way up to 25% for round 6+. 

The first circle takes 2 minutes to close and starts closing after 3 minutes. The final 8th circle starts closing after 20 seconds and takes 1 minute and 20 seconds to fully close. But don't worry about that one. You'll have gotten the dub by round 8. 

Well that's it! Make sure to leave a comment with your favorite changes, and check out our post for why the Mozambique is absolutely awful. 

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