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How to max out your Light level in Destiny 2

by Ashish Mistry 18 Sep 2017


So you’ve hit level 20, completed the main story and now you are trying to decide what to do in Destiny 2. As of September 13, the first raid has been released and Guardians are charging forward to clear the new event and collect new loot. We don’t want anyone to be left behind, so we’ve scoured FreekNation to see what the top Destiny 2 players have done to raise their Light level to the recommended 270 and beyond for the Leviathan Raid. Before you dive in to take on the raid boss, make sure you raise the Light level on your controller by equipping Destiny 2 Ghost!

Some of the best Destiny 2 players recommend everything from saving your quests and milestones until you’ve managed to grind your Light level up to 260, to transferring your gear to new characters and playing through the main quest while leveling up a second time to get upgraded loot. One of the most important things to know about Destiny 2 is that the items you loot scale to your current Light score, so the higher your score before you loot, the higher the score of the items you pick up. Check out what Wish You Luckk has to say about hitting max level in Destiny 2.


If there’s one thing we know about Destiny 2 players, it’s that they embrace the grind for better gear. YouTuber xHOUNDISHx has been providing tips for Destiny 2 before the game even released, and his channel will undoubtedly continue to be a great resource for gamers looking for an edge in everything from raids to grinding. You can check out one of his tips here for a creative way to double dip on public events so you can increase your light level even faster.

There are a lot of ways to ensure you are on the right track for getting max Light. In one of his recent videos, Mtashed did a great job explaining the grind from rare, to legendary, to exotic. By storing up your reputation points and saving your milestones until you hit 260, you can ensure you maximize your Light gains!

We hope this helps you get ready for the raid and raise your Light level in Destiny 2. Keep grinding, Guardians!

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