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It’s Time for the CoD WW2 Closed Beta!

by Ashish Mistry 25 Aug 2017

Call of Duty: WW2 is coming, and PlayStation 4 users that pre-ordered the game have had the chance to test out the private beta this weekend. Xbox One players will get their chance when the game comes to Xbox One on September 1. Whether you are already playing the game or waiting to get your hands on it, the WW2 beta trailer gives us some insight into what gameplay is going to look like in the beta and the final product come November. It looks like we can expect to see some truly gritty combat, with close quarters elements and deadly new killstreaks on display. We can’t wait to get our boots on the ground and test out the new multiplayer mode and WW2 combat for ourselves. Make sure you prepare by picking up FPS Freek Call of Duty Heritage Edition to get ready for WW2! Let us know in the comments below what you are most excited for in Call of Duty: WW2!

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