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KontrolFreek’s Guilty Pleasures in Gaming

by Ashish Mistry 14 Apr 2017

Everyone has a few bad habits or might indulge the odd guilty pleasure from time to time. Perhaps you can’t quite force yourself to quit, or maybe there is just something about doing something bad that just feels really, really good. Video games provide a perfect opportunity for bad habits to manifest, and game producers are constantly striving to find that guilty pleasure that might keep you coming back or spending just one more dollar. Confident that our office was no exception, I sent out a single question. What is your video game bad habit, or guilty pleasure?


The Button Masher

“I button mash in any fighting game, every time.”
–  Paris V.

A lot of game developers spend months and months balancing and perfecting their fighting games to crisp perfection before they are released. Hogwash, says Paris, who prefers the more chaotic style of flailing incoherently hoping to land a hit.




The Team Killer

“There is nothing funnier than hearing a friend explode in a plane or tank and go, “I don’t understand, how did I just explode?!?””
– Brandon M.

Brandon is the kind of teammate you might catch looking at you funny when you pick up something he wants. The bounce of a grenade and the wicked laughter of this would-be comrade will be the soundtrack as you are shuffled off to respawn. E tu Brandon?


The Wanderer

I’m bad at co-op because I WILL leave you behind.”
– Connie C.

Connie opts for the Energizer Bunny style when it comes to gaming. While you might be cautiously searching for traps or sweeping rooms, Connie will boldly blaze ahead by herself, often leaving you to play catch up through whatever army of enemies she ran straight past!


The Critic

“I stop by the Microsoft store in the mall and size up my “Just Dance” skills against all the elementary kids testing the game.  I’ve mentally beat every one of them.”
– Dana T.

Dana carries around a giant red “X” attached to a buzzer for days like this. After a poor performance, she dons her best Simon Cowell impression, hits the button, and tell the child, “That was pathetic!”

The Pay-to-Winner

“I buy coins and gems in ios games, but I tell my wife that the charges are for our iCloud storage plan.”
– Brandon T.

Brandon T. will do anything it takes to win, including paying actual money for theoretical currency. Now, this is a judgment free zone, but the question remains, do the people that play these games with him know he is playing with a loaded deck? Well, they do now!

The Kaiju

“I download other people’s SimCity saves just to destroy their cities.”
– Brett L.

SimCity is a game all about managing your resources, advancing your city and struggling ever onward to create a utopia for the Sim residents to dwell…unless you’re Brett. Cities and sims tremble in fear as Brett loads their peaceful city onto his computer. King Kong, Godzilla, Brett…


The Addict

“I still play Candy Crush.”
– Kelly E.

Kelly is here to tell your grandma that Candy Crush is still a great game!


The Historian

“I play Minesweeper.”
– Amy B.

You can find Amy, hat on head and whip in hand, exploring ancient ruins looking for her next big game!

The Camper

“I camp…”
– Carlos A.

Why waste time running around and playing with friends? Much easier to stay in one spot for an ambush while you slowly lose friends!


The Puzzler

“I play FPS games using the Legacy / Inverted control scheme.”
– Trent M.

Trent was frustrated that he had to put down his Rubix cube to play video games, so he decided to create the most overtly complex controller layout possible!


The Completionist

“I can not leave an area or room if I know there is an unopened treasure chest/crate in the room,  even if I know I don’t need any more items to advance.”
– Jason W.

The action never ends when Jason is playing a game…


The Try-Hard

“I stand up over my monitor and scream ‘LET’S GO!’ when I beat someone in a ranked Brawlhalla match.”
– Mitchell C.

A lot of games are great because of the competition, but sometimes competition can bring out the worst in people. Mitchell will make you glad the round is over whether you win or lose!



The Shallow

I buy cosmetic DLC…”
– Me

I’m definitely not immune to gaming guilty pleasures. I know there is no correlation between character design and gameplay in most games, but I’m confident that the prettier I feel, the better I game!
These are just a few of the bad habits and guilty pleasures you can find in the KontrolFreek office. We want to hear about your bad habits and guilty pleasures, so be sure to leave a comment below!

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