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The KontrolFreek Guide to Getting Your Friends/Family into Gaming

by Ashish Mistry 24 Mar 2017

Fellow gamers, we all know that video games are a passion! What was once a medium for simple entertainment has expanded into an international phenomenon that spans hundreds of genres and thousands of titles. Ranging from futuristic space combat to a more simple farming simulator, video games have become the newest genre of expression, arguably on par with literature and cinema. However, one thing we all know is that a great experience is always better if we can share it is with people we care about. So what follows is KontrolFreek’s  unofficial guide to getting your friends and family into gaming!

Not everyone is into gaming, and that’s okay. However, as gamers, it’s important for us to represent the creative and entertaining aspects of the genre we love so much. So if you want to get someone into gaming, it’s important to understand that others might not be as familiar with what video games are, how they work, and why they should care. If you want to turn someone off from gaming forever, plug in the most recent iteration of Doom and you can watch them experience, both literally and figuratively, Hell. No, no. You didn’t start as an expert in Halo or Call of Duty, it took hundreds of games and experiencing new titles before you got to the level you are now. So you can’t expect someone new to just jump into your favorite games and have the same amount of fun.


Step 1 – The basics
While you may be able to pick up a new game and figure out the controls quickly, not everyone is familiar with a controller and how they function. The easiest way to get someone to figure out controllers is to start with the basics. 2D side-scrollers are a simple way of getting people used to associating the buttons on a controller with the corresponding action on screen. They also vary in difficulty and design, so once your friend masters Mario, for example, you could introduce them to a more puzzle-oriented side-scroller such as Limbo or Inside.


Step 2 – Teamwork

Competition is a major influence in games, but dropping someone into a match with players that have more experience is a surefire to make them have a bad experience. It’s way better to start with games where you work as a team to accomplish a goal. Minecraft is a great way to have fun with friends, creating big projects and experiencing a new digital world. If your friend is up for it, games like Halo and Gears of War feature a co-op campaign where you can work together.

Pro tip! – When playing Minecraft with a friend, train a small army of wolves so that when your friend inevitably gets cheeky and attacks you, your canine companions will rip them to shreds and you won’t have to lift a finger!


Step 3 – Passion
Video games have blurred the lines between entertainment and art, and the best way to ensure your friend develops a passion for gaming is to have them play games they will always remember. Games like Journey and Abzu take you to a bright new world and feature simple yet satisfying gameplay. Your soon-to-be gaming pal will definitely remember their first experience with games like this, and it’s sure to encourage them to seek out other games.

Gaming can always be a social experience, so hopefully this guide can help you get someone you care about into gaming. If you’ve had success turning friends into gamers, let us know about your experience!

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