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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's Controller Options: The Definitive Guide

by Mason Moreau 15 Nov 2018

There have been four installments in the Super Smash Bros. series since the original debuted on the Nintendo 64 in 1999; one for each of Nintendo's previous consoles. Every installment brought with it new characters, modes, enhanced graphics and even the opportunity to see how the game controls with Nintendo's new controller. Which we all know Nintendo's history of oddly designed controllers. 

But as more people are introduced to Smash for the first time, they each develop gameplay styles with the controller they learned on in mind. Which has caused fans of the series to ask one simple question. 

Which Nintendo controller is the best for Smash?

Enter Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: the game designed to take everything great from each of the previous Smash titles and roll it all into one unique package. Including, you guessed it, TONS of controller options. 

Since we're a company who deals mainly with controllers, we're kind of an authority on the subject. So we've decided to compile the full list of options you have at your disposal while playing SSB Ultimate. 

(Also that picture above is completely fake. We're pretty good at photoshop sometimes)


Joy-Con Grip

Switch Handheld Mode

Switch Pro Controller

Gamecube Controllers (Including the Wavebird!)

Split Joy-Con

3rd Party Wired Pro Controllers


We Recommend...

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Of course we're going to pick the pro controller. The HD Rumble and form factor help make it one of the best controllers that Nintendo has ever designed. Even though we haven't gotten a chance to actually play Smash Bros. with it, we're certain that this one is the surefire pick. 


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