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The Big Problems In Fallout 76

by Mason Moreau 09 Nov 2018


Watch the launch trailer here

More Players, More Problems

If you're a fan of the Fallout games then last June was probably a wild ride for you. Bethesda's ambiguous Twitch stream ended in a teaser trailer for what looked like the next Fallout game. But this soon? How did they put together an open world so quickly? 

Then report after report came in. Fallout 76 was confirmed to be a multiplayer game. Focused on cooperative gameplay and survival with friends. Similar to games like Ark and Rust. 

Cautious optimism is definitely what describes the feelings surrounding Fallout 76 since the game was announced. The idea of a multiplayer version of a game series whose secret formula involves truly feeling alone may seem like regression to some.

But in the months since the initial announcement, Bethesda has spent a ton of time reassuring us that the game has been built from the ground up to be enjoyed via multiplayer in a way that is unique to Fallout. The recent B.E.T.A. along with the fascinating Noclip documentary about the making of the game. 

It's clear that Fallout 76 will be full of Fallout-style challenges so we decided to list the biggest ones that we're excited to experience first hand when we get our hands on the game.  

Big Creatures

Fallout 76 has the most diverse list of creatures in the history of Fallout. Player will get to go on expeditions to find plenty of monsters that previously only existed in tall tales. It just so happens that West Virginia, the state that the game map is based on, is full of tall tales of strange creatures passed down through generations. 


So far we know about a few of the creatures like Mothman and a Giant freaking sloth, but we're anxious to see what else might be waiting in the wasteland to be hunted by our merry band of vault dwellers. 

Big Nukes


Of course there are nukes! It's Fallout! But this time around they're approaching nukes a little differently. Players will have to scour the map for launch codes that they can piece together at a missile launch site. Once the codes are put into the system, a nuclear bomb is detonated that changes the map's terrain and creature types. It's a great spin on the recent trend of 'special events' in games, and we think it's the bomb. 

Big Groups of Strangers

Much of the controversy around this game stems from the fact that there won't be any NPCs to talk to during gameplay. Which makes sense given the game's always-online nature, but is not very emblematic of Fallout. Instead we'll be running into other squads of actual people playing the game too.


The idea of running into a band of people might seem like you'll be dying all the time, but Bethesda have reassured us that PvP encounters will not hinder your progress in the game. Which is good to hear. 

Big Post-Apocalyptic Patriotism


As we said before, this game takes place in West Virginia. Which has a rich history stemming back to the very early years of the United States. The backdrop of the Fallout franchise is steeped in tales of unapologetic patriotism and conflict between world powers. After all, in this world, before the events of the games, everyone blew each other to smithereens.

Previous games have taken us to Las Vegas, Washington DC, and Boston, and contained unique landmarks tied directly to American history. These landmarks were slowly revealed to the player through exploration, questing, and environmental storytelling. West Virginia is full of similar locales and we can't wait to uncover all of the mysteries of misguided world powers hidden in Bethesda's new open world. 

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