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Take Control of Sony's Days of Play

by Brittany Vincent 28 May 2021

Summer's just kicking off, and for those of us at KontrolFreek, that means we’re glued to our screens watching Sony's Days of Play unfold. Sony's Days of Play is an annual celebration of the PlayStation community. Each year, there are plenty of different ways that Sony offers fans to get excited about being a part of the brand and the enduring PlayStation legacy. If you’ve been around since the original PS1 days, that’s quite some time -- and a milestone to be happy about, especially with a brand that continually brings us so many new advancements in the genres we’re most enthusiastic about.

In addition to a long list of sales, free PSN avatars and themes, as well as exciting announcements and showcases, PlayStation also holds the Player Celebration. It's comprised of three stages, with the first stage having kicked off on May 18, with a variety of Community Goals.

These Community Goals require you to play a number of games each week for a certain amount of time to earn a specific number of trophies. You can play games and earn points while playing solo or with friends on your Friends List. When you meet the threshold for certain Community Goals, you'll be rewarded with prizes like special PSN avatars and prizes. You can see the community goal stages lined out here on the official PlayStation Blog.

But what does that have to do with KontrolFreek? Simple – we want to help you win those PlayStation Player Celebration prizes. One excellent choice of game we can help you tackle Is MLB The Show 21. What better way to kick off the summer than with baseball and PlayStation goodies?

Using KontrolFreek's Performance Thumbsticks in Sony’s popular sports title can help improve your accuracy, precision, and control. When you combine your favorite grips with games like MLB The Show 21, you’ve got a recipe for some particularly powerful PCI placement – and at-bats that’ll rocket you to victory. Here’s a look at how some of the pros already use our products to stay at the top of their game.


If you're looking for added control, use our Omni product like @YourFriendKyle here:

@Fuzzy also found that using Edge offered additional, more precise control when getting his game on:


But KontrolFreek products aren't only about control. You can stack more precision and accuracy on top of more controlled movements with our FPS Free Inferno instead, like @Koogs46, who's offered his best general tips and tricks when it comes to implementing your secret weapon in MLB The Show 21 before: KontrolFreek gear:


These are just a few examples of gear that works well in MLB The Show 21. But no matter whether you decide to jump into that game, or you pick up a new title during the various Days of Play sales on a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5 game, our gear will help cement your space at the top of the leaderboard.

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